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Meeting Information

TASSCUBO 2016 Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR) Workshop

February 2, 2016

2016 LAR Wksp FP
2016 LAR Wksp-Formula Funding - General Academic Institutions AM Agencies
2016 LAR Wksp-Formula Funding-Health Related Institutions

TASSCUBO 2016 Winter Conference

Retreat Reminder: TASSCUBO 2016 Winter Conference was held on January 31-February 2, 2016 at the Westin Galleria in Houston, Texas. Here is the agenda. Here is the agenda.
Meeting roster

Mr. Paul Turcotte
Program Director, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
60 x 30 TX

TASSCUBO 2015 Primary Members' Retreat

Retreat Reminder: The 15th Annual TASSCUBO Primary Members’ Retreat is being held November 1-3rd at the Pearl on South Padre Island, Texas. Here is the agenda.

Presentation: Tuesday November 2nd 11:00 – 12:00pm in the Sand Dunes C&D Meeting Room
Mr. Jim Phillips
Senior Associate General Counsel & Managing Attorney, University of Texas System
Contracting Challenges After Senate Bill 20 – Impact on Higher Education

Presentation: Tuesday November 2nd 1:30 – 3:00pm in the Sand Dunes C&D Meeting Room
Mr. Blake Rodgers
Audit Senior Manager, Assurance & Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Public Sector Finance Update

Presentation: Tuesday November 3rd 8:30 – 9:30am in the Sand Dunes C&D Meeting Room
Mr. Kevin P. McGinnis
Executive Director, Risk Management and Benefits Administration, Texas A&M
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) & HealthCare Reform

South Padre Restaurants: If you are coming in early or need suggestions for Sunday’s “Evening on your Own” attached is a list of South Padre Island Restaurants that our arrangements staff has put together.


TASSCUBO 2015 Summer Conference


Meeting Agenda


Conference Sponsors


Attendee Roster - by Last Name


Mechanics of Cash Flow Forecasting


State of Higher Education Facilities


Preparing for Guns on Campus


The Risk of Fraud in Purchasing


TASSCUBO 2015 Winter Conference


Meeting Agenda


Conference Sponsors


Attendee Roster – by Last Name


Attendee Roster – by Institution


Washington Update


Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board


The State of the Economy





Upcoming TASSCUBO Conferences

Primary Members' Meeting


November 1 -3, 2015


South Padre ,Texas


Winter Conference 2016


January 31 -February 2, 2016


Westin Galleria


Houston ,Texas


Summer Conference 2016


July 10 -12, 2016


Horseshoe Bay ,Texas


Prior  Years' Meetings

TASSCUBO 2014 Primary Members' Retreat


Meeting Agenda


Emerging and Strategic Risk Management


Why Does My Ethics Policy Say That


GASB Update


Strategic Risk Management - The Power of Disruption


TASSCUBO 2014 Summer Conference


Meeting Information


Meeting Agenda


Navigating Ethical Dilemmas: How to avoid the Slippery Slope


Application of Strategic Financial Analysis


The Glass Ain't Half Empty It's Just too Big


Preview of the 84th Texas Legislature


2014 Summer Conference Sponsors


Overview of Strategic Financial Analysis


Affordable Care Act


Attendee Roster


TASSCUBO 2014 Winter Conference


Meeting Information


Roster by Institution


Roster of Sponsors


Meeting Agenda


Risk Management – The Tip of the Spear


Tools and Techniques Fraud Prevention and Detection


Campus Tax Issues


Thanks to Meeting Sponsors


LAR Workshop Materials


TASSCUBO 2013 Primary Members' Retreat


Meeting Agenda


TASSCUBO 2013 Summer Conference


Meeting Agenda


Committee Meeting Agendas


A Look at Higher Education - from the Outside


Integration of Development and Business Offices


Panel Discussion – Process Redesign


83rd Legislative Session Update


NCAA Dashboard Project



TASSCUBO 2013 Winter Conference


Meeting Agenda

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) presentation

TRS Update

The 113th Congress Crisis Management

Fiscal Issues for 83rd Legislature

Higher Education Taxation Institute

THECB – Outcomes Based Funding

Travel Update


TASSCUBO 2012 Primary Members' Retreat

Final Meeting Agenda

TASSCUBO Executive Committee

High Impact Leadership Presentation

Preview of The 83rd Texas Legislature Presentation

THECB – Formula Funding and Recommendations Presentation

Upcoming TASSCUBO Conferences


TASSCUBO 2012 Summer Conference


Meeting Agenda


Accounting Principles Agenda, Accounting Principles Presentation


Budget Committee Agenda, LAR Schedule 1A, LAR Consistency Standards


Budget Committee Presentation


Student Business Services Agenda


Texas Tuition Promise Fund Presentation


Texas Demographic Presentation


 Campus Condition Index Presentation


Start an Epidemic Without Becoming a Plague - Billy Riggs



TASSCUBO 2012 Winter Conference


Accounting Principles Agenda


Budget Committee Agenda


Student Business Services Agenda


Meeting Agenda



TASSCUBO 2011 Primary Members' Retreat


Legislative Review - SB 5

Shared Services Initiative

Making Teams and Teamwork Work

Enterprise Risk Management

The Changing Media Landscape

Texas Connection Consortium Overview


TASSCUBO 2011 Summer Conference


Accounting Principles Committee Presentation


DOE State Authorization Requirements Presentation


E-Text Presentation


Legislative Update - Dr. Stanton Calvert

- Steve Collins


Occupational Fraud Presentation


Budget Committee Presentation



TASSCUBO 2011 Winter Conference


Providing Solutions for Revenue/Expense Presentation


TRS Update Presentation


Predictably Irrational Presentation


TASSCUBO 2010 Primary Members' Retreat


Information Security Issues Presentation


Legislative Outlook Presentation


Deferred Maintenance/Campus Condition Index Presentation


Demographic Characteristics and Trends Presentation



TASSCUBO 2010 Summer Workshop


Budget Committee Presentation


Texas Tuition Promise Fund Presentation


Special Items & Cost Studies Presentation


Higher Ed Special Items